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#clipper – The Northern Irish entry, Derry~Londondonderry~Doire got off to a flying start today crossing the line in second place as the twelve yachts competing in the world's longest ocean race started Race 3 off the Brazilian coast, in a 3,390 mile South Atlantic challenge to Cape Town, South Africa.

Skipper of Derry~Londonderry~Doire, Sean McCarter said ahead of Race Start today, "I'm delighted with we are in the fleet and the team's performance. We are actually ahead of where we wanted to be at this stage, although results wise we expected more of ourselves as the Doldrums in the lead up to crossing the Equator really slowed us down.

"Our strategy and tactics have been fairly solid until now; it's the same as in Race 2 when we were planning to get west and I warned them at it might not look too good in the early weather reports, but hopefully it will pay off four or five days into the race and we don't need to be leading out.

"We would like to do well in this Race. We deserve to do well and we did by winning the two points in Scoring Gate, and we came in sixth overall with the redress. We will be pushing hard and hoping for a result."

The fleet are due into Cape Town towards the end of the month and will be berthed at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Following a brief stopover, the fleet will then continue on via Albany in Western Australia, Sydney (including the world famous Rolex Sydney Hobart Race), Brisbane, Singapore, China, San Francisco, Panama, Jamaica, New York, Derry Londonderry and Dan Helder in the Netherlands before returning to London's St Katharine Docks for Race Finish in July 2014.

The Clipper Race will return to the UK in July 2014 after a total of 670 crew race 40,000 miles and visit 15 ports on six continents.

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#clipperrace – After a week of close racing Derry~Londonderry~Doire crossed the finish line into Rio de Janeiro at 22:26 UTC last night claiming fifth place in Race 2 of the Clipper 2013-14 Round the World Yacht Race.

Jamaica Get All Right crossed the finish line into Rio at 10:53:48, just 19 seconds ahead of PSP Logistics, following a thrilling battle in Race 2 of the Clipper 2013-14 Round the World Yacht Race. Qingdao crossed the line third, at 13:45:00. (UTC-3)

Sean McCarter, skipper of the Northern Irish entry said "It has been a long race and its phenomenal how close it was the entire way, especially at the end. I'm sure there is no other race fleet in the world with this many boats, that is so long and so close."

I'm so proud of the crew. Their enthusiasm and true grit has shown no bounds. Also we are very aware of the support from friends and family at home. It felt like we had an extra crew member so it is certainly a bonus that has been very much appreciated by the whole team."

After leading Race 2 to Rio for the first week, Derry~Londonderry~Doire lost its lead to Henri Lloyd where a game of cat and mouse played out between the top three of the leader board. In the last week Derry~Londonderry~Doire fought of stiff competition from OneDLL and Henri Lloyd with often just 10 miles separating the opponents to finish in fifth place.

The remainder of the fleet will arrive in Rio de Janeiro over the next four days. Race 3, Leg 2 to Cape Town, South Africa, will start on Saturday, 12 October. 

Expected arrival times for the fleet, including redress which is yet to be applied, as follows:

Team ETA Marina da Gloria (Local time – UTC-3)
4. OneDLL (1hr27redress) Sunday, 21.00
5. Henri Lloyd (7hr15 redress) Sunday, 21.00
6. Derry~Londonderry~Doire Sunday, 22.00
7. GREAT Britain (1hr38 redress) Monday, 11.00
8. Old Pulteney Monday, 12.00
9. Team Garmin (2hr03 redress) Tuesday, AM
10. Switzerland (6hr50 redress) Tues, PM
11. Mission Performance Tues, PM
12. Invest Africa Weds, PM

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#Clipper Race: Derry-Londonderry-Doire crossed the line at 11.17 UTC winning a valuable 3 points as the entry continues to extend its lead in the race. Henri Lloyd crossed the line in second place at 1203 UTC with Mission performance chasing their tail in third place at 1445UTC winning 3, 2, 1 points retrospectively.

Sean McCarter, skipper of Derry~Londonderry~Doire shared his elation after securing a valuable 3 points yesterday.

"We wanted the points badly to make up for an unlucky finish in Race 1 when the course was shortened. We had no idea Mission Performance and Henri Lloyd would push so hard, I guess they were in the exact same position as ourselves after Race 1.

We were pretty much flat out and on the edge for 48 hours. This is mentally draining as well as physically.

During the last 24 hours Henri Lloyd, Qingdao and Invest Africa have all activated Stealth Mode hiding their position from the rest of the fleet for the next 24 hours.

Positions will be broadcast at 0000UTC on 19 September (today) and then will be hidden from the fleet (and on the Race Viewer) through the 0600, 1200 and 1800UTC schedules, before being broadcast again at 0000UTC on 20 September (tomorrow).

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#clipperroundthewsorldrace – With the Northern Irish entry, Derry~Londonderry~Doire currently top of the leader board in the Clipper 13-14 Round the World Yacht Race, the search for the next generation of novice sailors brave enough to take on the challenge of the 2015-16 edition of the Clipper Race has already begun. 

An estimated 120,000 spectators lined the bank of the River Thames in London on Sunday, 1 September to witness the start of this years race. A record 670 people, from all walks of life have signed up to compete in ninth edition of 40,000 mile, 11 month biennial event.

David Cusworth, Crew Recruitment and Development Director who completed a circumnavigation during the Clipper 2002 Race, will give people a first-hand insight into what it is like taking on the worlds toughest oceans when he visits Derry-Londonderry next week.

With a skipper from Derry-Londonderry, local crew made up of teachers, farmers, and an Officer of the Garda the Derry~Londonderry~Doire crew are passionate about racing, putting their city on the global map and having fun.

Perhaps the most popular stopover on the last race was Derry-Londonderry and so the whole fleet is looking forward to arriving next year. For my part, Im looking forward to meeting the next batch of amazing adventurers who want to represent their city and country with pride, energy and humour in the Clipper 15-16 Race.

Crew Recruitment Presentation 

David will be holding the Clipper Race Crew Recruitment presentation at the City Hotel, in Derry-Londonderry on Monday 23 September 6pm for those eager to find out more about the race.  

Founded by legendary yachtsman Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the Clipper Race is designed to provide everyone - regardless of sailing experience - the chance to race across oceans and taste the exhilaration of completing a circumnavigation. Since its inception in 1995, the Clipper Race has turned over 3,500 novices into ocean racers.

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#clipper – The twelve yachts competing in the world's longest ocean race have started their 5,000 mile Atlantic Ocean crossing to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, off the French Brittany coast today.

Henri Lloyd under skipper Eric Holden crossed the line first ahead of GREAT Britain, followed by Derry~Londonderry~Doire, on a close-hauled start.

But it was Derry~Londonderry~Doire that was first round the windward mark followed by Henri Lloyd and PSP Logistics; GREAT Britain opted to take a penalty 720 degree turn (making two turns in the same direction), after touching the mark.

Race director Justin Taylor said: "Three minutes before the start, the yachts were fully powered up and as the wind got up, the boats that benefitted were the ones with a reef in."

The new generation of Clipper 70s are embarking on their first big ocean crossing, sailing to 2016 Olympic host city Rio in Brazil to complete Leg 1 after a short stopover in Brest, France.

Legendary British yachtsman, Clipper Race Founder and Chairman, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston said: "Tactically, the Doldrums is where Race 2 is likely to be decided. The teams will have to ensure they maintain concentration and keep the boat moving.

"Between the flat calms and the squalls, the lack of wind will be frustrating at times but how they perform at this stage of the race will be worth watching as it could make a big difference to the final positions."

Sean McCarter, Skipper of Derry~Londonderry~Doire said ahead of Race 2 this afternoon, "There is a really good feeling on board as we do our final preparations and prepare to say goodbye to dry land for the next 11 months.

"We are very happy with our boat and can't wait to get out there and start testing ourselves as well as the yacht."

After a stopover at Marina da Gloria, Rio, the fleet will then continue on via South Africa, Western Australia, Sydney (including the world famous Rolex Sydney Hobart Race), Brisbane, Singapore, China, San Francisco, Panama, Jamaica, New York, Derry Londonderry and the Netherlands before returning to London's St Katharine Docks for Race Finish in July 2014.

The fleet will not be returning to the UK until July 2014 after a total of 670 crew race 40,000 miles and visit 15 ports on six continents.

Designed to provide everyone – regardless of sailing experience – the chance to race across oceans and taste the exhilaration of completing a circumnavigation, the Clipper Race has turned over 3,500 novices into ocean racers since its inception in 1995.

The leaderboard going into Race 2 to Rio is as follows:
1. Invest Africa 12 points
2. Great Britain 11 points
3. Qingdao 10 points
4. Team Garmin 9 points
5. PSP Logistics 8 points
6. One DLL 7 points
7. Switzerland 6 points
8. Henri Lloyd 5 points (joint)
8. Derry~Londonderry~Doire 5 points (joint)
10. Jamaica 3 points
11. Old Pulteney 2 points
12. Mission Performance 1 point

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#clipperroundtheworldrace – London waved off the crews of the world's longest ocean race as they started their 40,000 mile adventure from Tower Bridge.

Crowds estimated in excess of 120,000 lined the banks of the Thames to cheer on the colourful pageant to mark the start of the Clipper 2013-14 Round the World Yacht Race.

The fleet of twelve 70-ft ocean racing yachts and a flotilla of support vessels, spectator boats and well-wishers participated in a spectacular parade with Tower Bridge lifting to salute the crews who will face the ultimate endurance test.

The armada was joined by a paddleship steamer, pilot boats, police boats, RIBs, spectator boats and other pleasure craft as Britain waved off the 270 crew sailing from London to Rio de Janeiro on Leg 1.

It is the first time London has hosted the Clipper Race and is 40 years since the Thames last featured a round the world sailing event.

The fleet will not be returning until July 2014 after a total of 670 crew race 40,000 miles and visit 16 ports on six continents.

The first leg of the Clipper Race ends in Marina da Gloria, Rio de Janeiro, the destination for the 2016 Olympic sailing events. They then continue on via South Africa, Western Australia, Sydney (including the world famous Sydney-Hobart Race), Brisbane, Singapore, China, San Francisco, Panama, Jamaica, New York, Derry Londonderry and the Netherlands before returning to London's St Katharine Docks for Race Finish in July 2014.

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#clipper – The UK City of Culture 2013, Derry~Londonderry, has today announced the city's participation in two further editions of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, in 2013-14 and 2015-16. This will include a City Yacht in the race along with welcoming the fleet to the city as part of a biennial maritime festival planned for July 2014 and July 2016.
This is the world's longest ocean race at 40,000 miles and visits 15 ports on six continents. Derry~Londonderry participated for the first time in the 2011-12 edition of the Clipper Race and hosted the hugely successful Clipper Homecoming Festival in July 2012. This festival attracted over 120,000 spectators over the 10-day celebration and was delivered in partnership with key agencies including Foyle Port, NITB, Loughs Agency and Ilex URC. The City also undertook an international promotional programme which included opportunities for trade, media, tourism and Diaspora engagement in international markets supported by Invest NI and Tourism Ireland.
The announcement was made today by the Mayor Cllr Martin Reilly on behalf of Derry City Council, who have developed the partnership with Clipper Ventures. Speaking at the event launch today, the Mayor said the return of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race to the city was hugely significant.
"I am delighted that Derry City Council has continued to work in partnership with Clipper Ventures to have a Derry~Londonderry yacht in the 2013-14 and 2015-16 edition of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and be a host stopover city in July 2014 and 2016.
"Our participation in the Clipper 11-12 Race and the Clipper Homecoming Festival in July 2012 was a phenomenal experience for everyone and was the stepping stone to the city's UK City of Culture 2013 celebrations. The Clipper Festival successfully reinvented our riverfront, brought investment to our maritime offering and changed the way we use and look at the River Foyle. It successfully showcased the city and achieved a PR value of £104m in media coverage as well as generating almost 8,000 bed nights and achieving 98% positive comments in relation to civic pride.
"This further commitment with Clipper Ventures will form an integral part of the city's international campaign to market the city's business, tourism and cultural offering as well as forming a key element of the legacy of City of Culture and help us further develop the city's international profile".

The founder and chairman of the Clipper Race, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston visited Derry-Londonderry today to make the announcement. He said: "I am extremely pleased to be here today to welcome back Derry-Londonderry to the next two editions of the Clipper Race. This will enable the City to capitalise on its many achievements during the last Clipper Race, which will continue to provide an international platform for Derry-Londonderry to promote and build upon trade and tourism around the world. With our brand new fleet of 12 matched 70 foot ocean racing yachts the 2013-14 edition of the Clipper Race will be the largest we have ever produced."
Sharon O'Connor, Town Clerk and Chief Executive of Derry City Council said the partnership with Clipper Ventures will provide a unique platform to share its new story to a global audience.
"Following the success of Clipper 11-12 we have continued to work closely with Clipper Ventures and build a positive legacy for the city. We know that the Clipper Race provides us with a unique opportunity to profile the city and region and showcase its potential as a location for hosting international events, trade and visitors. Participation will also assist us in further developing our maritime offering and confirms an international event for Summer 2014 helping the city sustain legacy from the 2013 cultural year. "

Local Skipper

It was also announced today that 31-year-old Sean McCarter, originally from Derry-Londonderry, has been chosen as skipper of the Derry-Londonderry yacht. He said: "It's such an honour to be here today in my home town of Derry-Londonderry. In my career I have had the privilege of achieving so many of my personal goals, but to be named as skipper of my home entry in the Clipper Race is one of the greatest honours I have ever received. I'm looking forward to leading my team around the world while helping to place Derry-Londonderry firmly on the global map."

Follow the city's participation in the 2013-14 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race at

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#Clipper - Irishman Sean McCarter is among the 'dynamic dozen' skippers selected to lead their amateur crews in the ninth edition of the Clipper Round the World Race.

The 31-year-old is looking forward to a home crowd welcome when the race visits Northern Ireland on its final leg in summer 2014.

He will be joined by the third ever woman to skipper a Clipper crew in 30-year-old Vicky Ellis from Bristol, who has paid her dues as a training skipper over three years.

The 12 yacht masters, selected from hundreds of possible candidates in a rigorous process, now begin their final training ahead of the race start in August.

But first comes the crew allocation on 11 May, when the race hopefuls - including two Irish challengers - will find out who they'll be sailing with.

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#clipper – The river will be the arena this weekend for a maritime spectacle never before seen in the city, as the flotilla of Clipper Round the Yacht vessels say their final farewell to the River Foyle and the host post of Derry~Londonderry.

The ten yachts will depart the city on Saturday in a spectacular Parade of Sail, before heading to Greencastle, where they will begin the penultimate race in their 40,000 mile journey. Thousands are expected to turn out to watch the Clippers line-up for their spectacular Parade of Sail with activities commencing on the Quay from 12noon as the yachts prepare to sail from the Quay at 1pm, in what will be an emotional journey for the Derry~Londonderry team as they once again set off from their home port.

The yachts will sail down the River Foyle for the official race start at Greencastle, with live links to the city over the duration of the day so that you can watch the official race start live on quay at 5pm.

The crews have enjoyed a homecoming welcome to remember since their arrival last weekend, with 1,000's along the quay daily enjoying the celebrations and there are still two days to go!! Although the Clippers might be moving on, the party will continue in full swing until Sunday. After the Parade of Sail on Saturday, the Zapcats will be making waves with some high speed action on the river. Reaching speeds of 50mph, these little boats will be performing some breathtaking stunts, with 3G turns and six foot jumps.

"Zapcats go where most other boats dare not," said Mike Sanford, race organiser. "It's fast, it's furious and it's great fun for all the family. Safety is paramount, but I admit that we really do push things to the limit!

"We have 16 competitors coming from all over England, joining teams from Belfast and the Republic. We've already scoped out the lough and are looking forward to two days of challenging racing, after the Clipper fleet departs."

The Zapcat Grand Prix has been compared to motorcross on water, and promises to keep audiences glued to their death defying antics as the two man crews battle it out over short circuits near the Peace Bridge on Saturday from 3pm, and on Sunday from 12noon-3pm.

Throughout the day visits to the stunning Earl of Pembroke Tall Ship as well as the impressive naval vessels lining the quay, will be running from 10am-5.30pm. The Continental Market will be thronged with foodies throughout the weekend with an exciting array of dishes and goods from home and abroad on offer.

The Quayside itself will be buzzing with activity, with music, song and dance at the Quayside stage. And youngsters can get arty in the Creativity Zone, where there will be a full programme of art workshops, magic shows and documentary screenings.

The festival will also feature a series of fascinating environmental exhibitions, as well as the opportunity to trace your family roots and explore the city's maritime heritage in the Environmental and Heritage Zone. And don't forget the festival finale and water display between 4-6pm on Sunday 08th July.

For ease of access, don't forget we have the Clipper Event Park n'Ride at Templemore and event park n'stride at Magee College, event car parking is also available in all city centre car parks.

The Clipper 11-12 Maritime and Home Coming Festival is organised by Derry City Council in partnership with Londonderry Port. It is supported by Northern Ireland Tourist Board, MalinWaters as part of the Sail West Project marine tourism initiative, part financed by the European Union's European Regional Development Fund through INTERREG IVA Cross-Border Programme, Invest Northern Ireland, Loughs Agency, Ilex URC, FG Wilson, Diageo and event partners Translink.

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#clipper – Crossing the finish line off Greencastle on the north Irish coast at 0237 GMT this morning, Gold Coast Australia secured its eleventh win in the Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race after a 2,350 mile tough upwind battle across the North Atlantic.

In the early hours of the morning the Australian entry made its way from the finish line at Greencastle, County Donegal, through Lough Foyle before arriving into Derry-Londonderry in Northern Ireland this morning where hundreds of spectators awaited them.

Upon arrival, Tasmanian skipper, Richard Hewson said, "The worst part for us as a team was the lack of sleep and we didn't see sunshine for about two weeks. It was all worth it though as we had head winds behind us the whole way up here and before we knew it we were in Northern Ireland being welcomed by a flotilla of ships. Incredible!"

Reflecting on the tough conditions of the North Atlantic, Richard continued, "As tropical storm 'Chris' developed, the tough conditions really tried to batter the fleet, but I saw it as an opportunity for us to take advantage of the strong winds and head to the south. Once we managed that, we put the kite up and we were flying along ahead of the rest of the fleet, especially those who chose to go to the north. "

Singapore is expected to finish in the next few hours, with the rest of the fleet still fighting the final miles to secure the best possible finish in this tough final ocean crossing.

Despite bad luck early on in the race, diverting to gain medical attention for an injured crew member, Qingdao managed to win the Ocean Sprint overnight, subject to verification by the Race Committee. The Chinese entry completed the sprint in 11 hours 38 minutes 09 seconds, beating De Lage Landen's time by just under 20 minutes, securing them a vital additional point.

Welcome to Yorkshire currently remains in third place, while Geraldton Western Australia played its 24 hour Stealth Mode card at midnight, in a final tactical battle, hiding from its competitors until midnight tonight.

The rest of the fleet is expected in Derry-Londonderry over the weekend with the final yacht arrival expected Monday afternoon.

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About the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is undoubtedly one of the greatest ocean adventures on the planet, also regarded as one of its toughest endurance challenges. Taking almost a year to complete, it consists of eleven teams competing against each other on the world’s largest matched fleet of 70-foot ocean racing yachts.

The Clipper Race was established in 1996 by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first person to sail solo, non-stop, around the world in 1968-69. His aim was to allow anyone, regardless of previous sailing experience, the chance to embrace the thrill of ocean racing; it is the only event of its kind for amateur sailors. Around 40 per cent of crew are novices and have never sailed before starting a comprehensive training programme ahead of their adventure.

This unique challenge brings together everyone from chief executives to train drivers, nurses and firefighters, farmers, airline pilots and students, from age 18 upwards, to take on Mother Nature’s toughest and most remote conditions. There is no upper age limit, the oldest competitor to date is 76.

Now in its twelfth edition, the Clipper 2019-20 Race started from London, UK, on 02 September 2019.


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